Bad dream, bad mood

Last night I wasn’t feeling very sleepy, so I ate a cup of noodle around 1am, then I went to sleep close to 2:30am. Huge mistake! I had the worse dreams. I dreamed that some teenage boy abused my 3 year old son. Everyone around me held me back from hurting that boy! It was so scary. I blame that dream on the food I ate before bed, and all the Law & Order: SVU I watch. I’m addicted to that show! Very scary dreaming that my little boy was hurt though. I woke up feeling drained and upset. I hate dreams like that. They feel so real; I wake up feeling emotional and it’s difficult to change my mood.

I decided to put on some Music while doing my hair, to see if that would help brighten my spirits. I’ve been listening to Frank Sinatra radio and I have to say, I’m starting to feel better. I love oldies music. That genre of music has so much emotion and meaning behind it. It puts a smile on my face and really helps me to relax. I enjoy music that tells a story, unlike the music from now a days. It’s just nonsense music that speaks about money, girls and being sexy or powerful. Nothing like good old fashion music 😊.

Now I’m off to a doctor’s appointment in the city. Hopefully the nice weather and travel, alone, also helps to improve my mood. Have a great afternoon!



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