I am thankful for…


In spirit of thanksgiving & my 32nd birthday, that just passed, here are 32 things I am thankful for this year:

1. Having God on my side
2. Having a great, loving husband.
3. My wonderful son.
4. My fun, loving dad.
5. My momma.
6. My stepparents.
7. My sisters.
8. My brother.
9. All of my nieces & nephews.
10. Having a supportive family.
11. My best friends who are always there for me.
12. My ability to change for the better.
13. My ability to understand multiple sides of a situation.
14. Having a home.
15. Never going hungry.
16. Being a dreamer.
17. Soul touching music.
18. All of my new books.
19. Yoga.
20. Being able to volunteer at the shelter.
21. Meeting Ms. Vicky at the shelter.
22. My new dermatologist!
23. Learning to calm my own anxieties.
24. Getting my license.
25. My BMW.
26. Learning to travel by car, everywhere!
27. Dance parties with my son.
28. Teaching my son to write his alphabet.
29. Watching my son grow up into a vivacious, yet respectful boy.
30 . Girlfriend outings/pow wow’s.
31. Bettering my family bonds.
32. Being blessed with another year of life.


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