The beautiful fake smile

How very true this is. People assume a person is doing great be use they slap a smile on their face and act ok. People who suffer from depression and anxiety can be very deceiving with their emotions. Not everyone wear’s their heart on their sleeve. There have been many times in the past, where I slap a smile on my face, but felt like I was dying inside. Please, be there for your friends and family, even if they act like they are fine. Call them, visit them, invite them out. Let them feel loved and wanted. Let them feel important. Let them know they have someone to rely on if ever they choose to share their sorrows or concerns. Let them know they are not alone.

Peace & Love

Jennie G.


2 thoughts on “The beautiful fake smile

  1. My darling niece, I know too well what you mean. I love you so much…you have to keep yourself busy with fun things to do. I’m glad you have your son, he’s going to be the one to help you through your anxieties. You’re doing a great job with yourself & your son. In the long run you will definitely have a smile on your face and it won’t be a fake one. ❤


    1. Thank you titi. I love you too! I can honestly say my smiles arent fake anymore. I was referring to the past 😊. I have definitly come a long way and I just hope other people can find their strength as well ❤️. My son really does keep me busy & smiling happily!!!


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