Creepy crawlers


Is anyone else terrified of creepy crawlers? Disgusting insects, bugs, shellfish, whether they are big or small? I am! I have such a fear of them, especially ones with tons of legs, like centipedes, spiders, roaches, shrimp…yes I added shrimp! They are so gross! I just had to kill a damn centipede, as I was walking to my room! I froze for God knows how long, debating whether I should wake up my husband or not. I decided against that and ever so barbarically squished it with a sneaker.

I realized I was terrified of these things years ago at a pet shop. My now husband & I were walking up & down the aisles looking at fishes when I came across a tank that had a hermit crab, *gasp*. I ran so fast to a different aisle, that my husband, till this day, says he’s surprised he didn’t see smoke in my tracks! I had trouble breathing and was shaking a bit. Crazy right?

Then another time, I saw a tank full of shrimp and my body started shaking and I got out of there as quick as I could too! I don’t know why, but those tiny little, fast moving legs freak me the hell out!

There have been so many times at home where a water bug will scramble across my floor and I run and jump up on my sofas or chairs, yelling for my husband. If that man tells me he lost it or it got away, I will turn into the meanest woman lol. I will refuse to sleep in our room (if it’s in the room) or leave my room (if it’s in the living room). I hate behaving that way but my anxiety gets so high, it’s difficult for me to control my emotions, so I get loud and catch an attitude and just freak out.

When my husband isn’t home, and it’s just me and my son, oh man, it is difficult! With fear in me and with shaking hands, I have to go and kill these disgusting insects and bugs, just so they don’t go near my son or stay anywhere in my house! I’m proud I can do that even though I’m scared, but I much prefer my husband to do it while I act like a coward elsewhere.

Instead of gross little bugs, why can’t cute little puppies or kittens run across my floors? *sigh*.That would make life so much easier!


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