How would I live without you?

Living without you is incomprehensible .
It’s a thought I can’t even fathom.
To not have you would be like the flowers having no sunlight or rain.
Trains without tracks.
Cars without any road ways or streets.
It would be Like not having any oxygen to breathe…
How would I survive?
It would feel like a tsunami washing away an entire city.
Like an avalanche crushing everything in its path.
Like a tornado whipping everything into unrecognizable pieces…
How could I hold on?
Not seeing your face would be like not seeing sunshine on a beautiful day.
Like not feeling a crispy breeze blowing through my hair.
Like not walking through clear cool waters on a hot summers day.
How would I ever feel again?
To think of not having you with me is simply unimaginable. I don’t think any amount of words could explain it. You are someone I cannot live without.
You are my sunlight & rain. You help me grow into a better person.
You are my air.
You fill me with a tsunami of emotions and an avalanche of love. You are my tornado, spinning my head round and round with the knowledge that you are mine & I am your one and only.
You are the breeze I feel when you run your hands over me. You are my sunlight, my clear waters.
You are what makes me happy & puts me at ease.
You are my love, my life, my better half. Without you, simply, how would I survive?



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