Live and Learn

Over the years I have learned that you can’t force people to be considerate. You can’t force people to love you and care for you the same you do, with them. As heart-breaking as it can be to realize this, it’s also a huge part of personal growth. It helps you to realize you don’t need to kill yourself to show people who you really are. If they don’t already know you at this point in your life, then maybe they just aren’t that interested. You realize that you don’t need to always go out of your way to make people feel comfortable, or show them that you care. If you are the only one trying, then where is the love and consideration in that?

Unfortunately these issues can cause us great anxiety. I know it has with me. But it helps to simply know that you have tried your absolute best to be that loving, caring and considerate person. At least you are able to lay your head on your pillow at night without regret. We cannot force people to treat us the same way we treat them. All we can do is be ourselves and maybe one day they will realize all you have done for them, or how you are still there for them when need be. Now I’m not saying you need to continue being there for certain people. If you end up feeling that the relationship has expired; You are no longer able to be the selfless one, then by all means, move on. That’s part of personal growth. You live and learn and will eventually figure out what is best for your own peace of mind and heart.

Peace & Love



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