Hasta la Vista, Zoloft!

Bye…Later…Sayanara…Hasta la Vista…Hasta Luego!

I am FINALLY off Zoloft! Can you tell I’m excited?! lol I was on Zoloft for 4 months when I told my Dr. I no longer wanted to be on it. I didn’t feel they were helping me anymore and the side effects were really starting to effect me. I decided what was best for me was to speak to a therapist, to be able to learn ways to deal with stress and anxiety. I no longer wanted to be medicated. The pills had me foggy and extremely forgetful! I would walk into a room or a store and wouldn’t remember what I went in there for. It also effected my sleeping pattern. I would fall asleep after 2am, which wasn’t good because I would have to wake up around 8am for my son. It also got in the way of wanting to be intimate, which was just a final straw for me! Haha. I mean, come on! What woman doesn’t want to be intimate with their husband?! When I told my Dr about this he said “Yes, that’s normal, its just a side effect from the Zoloft. There’s nothing we can really do about that”. That wasn’t a good response buddy! Then and there I knew this pill was no longer helping me. I still felt anxious and then with all of the other side effects, I just decided it was time to say farewell to the medication.

My Dr. had weened me off of the pill for a month. I had to take it every other day until I finished the bottle. Once I started doing that, my body did not know how to react. I was feeling on edge and had stomach aches, followed by really bad headaches. It was brutal! Finally, this past Monday was my last pill and I was so excited, as well as nervous, simply because I know it will take time for my body to get use to not being on it. I feel it’s worth it though. I can’t live my life in a foggy daze. I don’t want to walk around feeling indifferent about everything. I want to grab life by the cojones and make the best of it! 🙂 Which is why I am so proud of myself for seeking therapy.

Every since I started therapy, I have change my whole way of thinking. I know I still have a lot of work to do on myself and I still have a lot to learn, but it has been worth it thus far. I’m learning how to respond to people’s comments and actions. I’m learning to stop taking things personal. Not everyone’s unhappy or negative response, has to do with me or the person I am. A lot of times, it’s that person’s feelings or issues. It is THEIR insecurities. I am a person who feels a lot, loves a lot and over analyzes. I am learning to stop thinking ahead. Stop preparing for the worse possible outcomes and to just let things be. Don’t stress. Don’t over think. These tools have been so helpful to me. I feel different. I see and feel the change in myself. Like I said earlier, I know I still have more to go, but in the short amount of time I’ve been seeking therapy, I honestly do feel like a different, better me.

Since starting therapy, I have also taken her advice in taking time for myself. I need to find me again. Jennie. Not mommy, not wife, but Jennie. I have been meeting up with friends for lunch and for chats.  I have plans to go to a festival I have always wanted to go to as well! I’m not letting myself be too scared or anxious to try new things. I truly am trying my best to do this for myself. I need to be happy with myself and love myself, if I ever want to be truly happy and fulfilled in life. Aside from how happy I am with my husband and son and the people around me, I know I need to open up more, learn  new things, meet new people and become an individual again. It’s definitely a scary but exciting journey! Although I am happy to be off Zoloft, I want to say THANK YOU to zoloft for letting me realize that I don’t need medicine to better myself. Had I never gone to talk to my Dr. and gotten on Zoloft, I would have never sought out a psychologist and been on this wonderful, nerve wracking, fun road to success!


God bless,





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